Every spring, Psi Gamma elects officers for the upcoming academic year. This chapter relies on having committed and active individuals stepping up to fulfill officer roles; these duties should not be taken lightly.

General Application Process

  1. Members interested in learning more about the officer positions and responsibilities can view the information provided on the website (see Officer page) and/or attend a Psi Gamma meeting to learn more (e.g., one meeting at the end of the semester will be dedicated to discussing officer responsibilities).
  2. Members can self-nominate for any officer position. Once nominated, members are asked to write a 100-word essay explaining how they would be the best candidate for the selected officer position. This essay is then emailed to advisor(s) by the specified deadline.
  3. Nomination essays will be posted on the Psi Gamma website for one week. Members will be emailed the voting ballot by the advisors; the voting period will be open for one week. Advisor(s) will tabulate votes and email the membership the results in a timely fashion. Elected officers will be asked to review and sign Officer and Honor Contracts provided by the advisor(s).

Application Information for Spring 2012

  1. Informational meeting on Saturday, 4/21/12, at 10a in Cafeteria.
  2. Deadline for essays to be emailed to advisors is Friday, 4/27/12, at 5p.
  3. Nomination essays posted to website on May 1.
  4. Voting ballot emailed to members on May 1. Voting ends on Friday, 5/4/12, at 11:59p.
  5. New officers announced at last meeting of the year on Saturday, 5/5/12, at 10a.

2012 Nomination Essays


Tanja Blasko: I believe I will be able to make great contributions to the success of the SCC’s chapter of the Honors Society. As a Dramaturg and a Director I have been in leadership positions before and acquired skills that will benefit me in this position. As the first recipient of the 2011 Matthew Bowen Hill Memorial Scholarship for Dramaturgy I worked in environment that required leadership, planning, and organizational skills. After the project was done I was invited to the Kennedy Center American Colleges Theatre Festival as a presenter where I competed with student in Master degree programs and Bachelors programs where my dramaturgical work received an Honorable Mention. In the past semester I have been a part of the Psi Gamma team as a Public Relations officer and contributed to the success of the chapter by helping to organize events, researching and utilizing different promotional ideas, and actively contributing with ideas and solutions at chapter meetings. By attending the International Phi Theta Kappa Conference I learned a lot about what it means to be a Five Star Chapter, ways of how to apply that knowledge to our chapter’s future plans, and techniques of realizing those plans. I am very adaptable, I have an approachable personality and I am committed to continue making Psi Gamma a successful chapter.

Vice President of Scholarship

Katrine Bjerg: I have already held an officer’s position as V.P of Fundraising in the past academic year, where I have gained a lot of experience as a member of the chapter. I have contributed to most events that we held, where I have been a part of the planning, creative process, and the event itself. I feel that I have shown my abilities as a leader as well as a team-player. Some of the things that I can contribute to Psi Gamma are skills in researching and organizing events, provide creative ideas for new events as well as existing ones, bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the group, and also have the will-power to make things happen. I think that my passion for creating, learning, and pushing forward will benefit the chapter in achieving great goals that will make Psi Gamma stand out. I also attended the National Convention in Nashville this April, where I learned how to write Hallmarks and aquired tools that will make our chapter a great team. After this trip I feel very prepared to contribute to Psi Gamma’s future success as a chapter. I truely have the best intentions for the chapter, and would love an opportunity to help the chapter to grow. I believe that we as a team can make great things happen.

Vice President of Public Relations

Sam Brasen: I believe I would be a wonderful Vice President of Public Relations. During high school, I helped promote my orchestra and choir program by telling people about the exciting upcoming concerts. I also fundraised for my orchestra and choir trips, but when I didn’t receive a donation I still promoted the programs. I’m also currently involved with my church’s 100 club, which requires me to invite 100 people, witness to 100 people, and also knock on 100 doors. I have invited several people and I know I will gain more after I have invited more.

Vice President of Service

Bernadette Jacobsen: I think I would make a good Service officer because I am already working on my networking skills. This position would help strengthen my skills. I would bring my hard work, dependability, and determination to this Chapter. This Chapter needs someone they can rely on to perform their duties and I believe I can be that person. I believe an organization needs active members for it to function properly. It also needs all of them to be team players. I function very well as a team player and I like to bounce raw ideas around to create whole new ideas. Elect me as officer, and ill bring all this and more to the table.

No nominations were made for the following officer positions: VP of Fundraising, VP of Fellowship, Secretary, and Historian.