Each year, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society has their annual convention. Psi Gamma chapter attends regularly. There is an application process to select the team of students who represents Scottsdale Community College and the Psi Gamma chapter. Members who are selected will have most travel expenses covered by the chapter and/or college, yet this will be determined on a yearly basis due to budget issues. Members who are selected to attend should be prepared to pay for some expenses out-of-pocket should budget issues arise.

General Application Process

  1. Members will submit their application essays (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font) to the advisors via email by the due date.
  2. Applications will be reviewed and rated based on the selection rubric below. Advisors may choose to form a selection committee that consists of advisor(s), faculty and/or staff members who have experience with Phi Theta Kappa, and/or alumni of Psi Gamma chapter. Should a selection committee be formed, applicants will be informed ahead of time.
  3. Selected members will be informed within 2 weeks of the completed selection process. Selected members will be expected to attend the entire convention and complete any necessary travel paperwork required by the college and district.

Selection Rubric







Contributions to   Hallmark Essays Member was not   involved and/or minimally involved in the Hallmark essay process. Member made some   contributions to the researching, writing, and editing for Hallmark essays. Member was actively   involved in researching, writing, and editing Hallmark essays. Member   collaborated with other members and advisors in preparing Hallmark essays.
Participation in   Chapter Events Member has attended   1-2 meetings during entire year. Member has attended 1-2 chapter events as   participant but did not engage in any planning, research, promotion, or   implementation of event. Member occasionally attends   meetings and chapter activities. Member has provided assistance with 1-2   events by engaging in at least one of the following tasks: planning,   research, promotion, and/or implementation. Member consistently   attends chapter meetings. Member is an active participant in chapter events   by engaging in two or more of the following tasks: planning, research,   promotion, and/or implementation.
Academic   Rigor/Performance Member has not   maintained required G.P.A. Member has failed to enroll in classes that meet   the academic rigor expected of Phi Theta Kappans. Member has maintained   required G.P.A. Member has enrolled in classes that meet the academic rigor   expected of Phi Theta Kappans. Member has excelled   academically, far exceeding the Phi Theta Kappa requirements in classes   demonstrating academic rigor.
Future Contributions   to Chapter Member does not intend   to return next year as elected officer, active member, and/or as alumni. Member intends to   return as an active member yet has not detailed how they plan to contribute   to the chapter. As alumni, member intends to occasionally attend activities. Member intends to   return next year as elected officer or active member, or as active alumni.   Member has described specific plan(s) for future contributions to Psi Gamma   Chapter.

Application Information for Spring 2012


Please email your completed essays to both Roberto ( and Daniel ( Answer the following four (4) essay questions. Each essay response should be no more than 400 words.

  1. Explain your contributions to this year’s Hallmark essay process. Provide clear and specific examples.
  2. Describe your participation in chapter events this academic year. Provide clear and specific examples.
  3. Describe your academic courseload this academic year at SCC.
  4. Describe your future contributions to the Psi Gamma chapter. Please clearly indicate your intentions as potential officer, active member, or alumni.