Monthly Calendar

Spring 2021 Events

The SCC DECA Organization holds regular meetings every other Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.

Professional Development:  Due to the virtual environment Professional Development Meetings will be held virtually through the SCC Advising Department’s Emerging Professional Series (register online at   Through this series you will learn how to:

  • establish personal branding
  • develop job strategies
  • develop resumes and cover letters
  • workplace professionalism skills
  • learn do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn
  • discuss networking skills
  • learn interviewing strategies
  • provide opportunities for practice interviews

Please join us for one of the following scheduled meetings through Google Meet:


1/27 Spring Kick-off and Club Fair meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
2/10 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
2/23 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Job Searching Strategies
2/24 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
TBD Arizona State DECA Career Development Conference
3/2 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Resume & Cover Letter Writing
3/9 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Workplace Professionalism
3/10 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
3/23 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  LinkedIn Do’s & Don’ts
3/24 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
3/30 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Networking 101
4/5 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Practice Interviews Requests Due
4/6 Emerging Professionals Seminars:  Interviewing Strategies
4/7 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
4/17 – 4/20 International DECA Career & Development Conference
4/21 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet
5/5 DECA Meeting, 3 p.m.: Google Meet