Artie Idol

For anyone who doesn’t know what Artie Idol is, it is a college tradition of Scottsdale Community College that showcases students and employees singing and dancing talents on an open mic. It is truly a favorite here, where it is highly requested and widely known amongst the community. This year, we celebrated Artie’s 46th birthday and surprised him with cake and a brand new foosball table for everyone to enjoy in the cafeteria. This year, Artie Idol was comprised of several different genre winners which included Crowd Pleaser, Heartbreaker, Most Theatrical, Most Likely to Go Platinum and of course, Artie Idol! The event took place on October 9th after being rescheduled due to a rain out the week prior. It’s safe to say we look forward to Artie Idol again next year! – Chrisanne Tirres, Special Events Manager

3-Day Leadership Retreat

On Friday, September 14th, three members of the Council of Student Leaders and four international students embarked on a journey to Prescott, Arizona that would change their lives forever. The 3 day leadership retreat included many activities all centered around leadership with a theme of “Encourage the Heart”. While we were there, it became evident that while some people are born leaders, others grow into becoming a leader. It takes courage, strength, and even weakness to harness what all entails what being a leader is. We learned that it’s so important to help lead those who cannot/ don’t know how, build your skills and work past your weaknesses. In doing all of these things, I realized I was forming amazing bonds with the people around me and I made memories I’ll never forget. If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone I never would have grown into the person I am now all within 3 long days of learning. – Chrisanne Tirres, Special Events Manager


Volunteerism in CSL

This semester, SCC’s Council of Student Leaders volunteered at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary on April 28, 2018. Tranquility Trail is a Scottsdale-based organization in an office area, that discreetly houses a giant, blue warehouse room: a safe haven for rescue and older bunnies who have no other home. They are well-cared for and loved by the employees and volunteers who work with them 9-12 hours a day. We were part of this care on Saturday, by cleaning their pens, changing out their water dishes, feeding them greens (I got to give them spinach), and even sitting with them on the couches and petting them.

Before we began working, everyone was first introduced by Kelly Ames to the sanctuary and given background on how the bunnies arrive, how the bunnies like their pens a very specific way, and even how they pair up the bunnies to be lifelong companions for one another.

Several of our members made their experiences special. Camilla O’Donnell brought us all Dutch Bros. and our advisor, Jen Sydow brought little Haylee to help out. Although our chair, Brianna, has an allergy to hay, which conveniently covers the majority of the blue warehouse, she came through and wore a face mask and gloves while cleaning, and still managed to have a good time!

This organization is personally near and dear to my heart, as I’ve been working with them throughout this semester for my Honors Contract! I was so excited to include CSL in my experience with the Bunny Sanctuary, and I’m so grateful that we went. – Emily Beaufeaux, Student-at-Large


“Parada del Artie”

It was a crisp day in February, there was laughter and chatter, music being played near and far, and a single smiling Artichoke. Artie the Artichoke was at it again with another great year participating in the Parada Del Sol. The crowd’s laughter always rising and the smiles popping up when Artie came onto the scene. Artie high-fiving and interacting with fans of all ages, it’s strange when you think about it, being able to bring out the most in a one sided conversation. Artie never speaks a word but can carry these conversation forwards with everyone he meets. While I’m sitting here and writing about this year’s Parada Del Sol experience, it’s hard not to want to bring up Artie at every turn. After all, I know that this is true for many, the participants and onlookers at the parade saw a great spectacle from a dancing Artichoke. But, one of the big things missing this year from the parade was our clubs and our football team. In years past the turn outs have always brought out the best in our community colleges school spirit. Students coming out to show their love and appreciation for their college and Artie. This year’s theme at the Parada Del Sol was “Past, Present and Future.” We had expected that our future artichokes would be a little bit of stretch to walk with us, but we were confident in the support of our present and past Artichokes to come out and walk with us in support of our community college. We had 12 students of present standing, 2 future Artichokes and 2 from the past. Thankfully those that came were beaming with pride and walked with Artie through the parade. People cheered and clapped for us passing along the parade route and Artie stole the show with his swift moves and bombastic personality. It was a fantastic time and while we unfortunately had a small number attending we made the most of it and added another successful parade under our belt. I hope next year will be another great time with more student involvement and more students in athletics to show our support and appreciation of Scottsdale Community College!  – Justice Ehgner, Student-at-Large

Global Leadership Retreat

When I left for the three-day Global Leadership Retreat, I was excited about where we were going, what we were going to do the whole weekend, and I could imagine all that I was going to learn but little did I know how much more I’m going to gain from both the training, and the people that I have met there.
The skills that we have gained at the retreat will be with us as we all give back to our teams, communities, and the world at large. We all shared about ourselves, and we all gained from others as we listened. As a young leader, I now understand that you don’t have to be perfect nor be of a certain status to represent and inspire great change in others’ lives. I have got to understand what it takes to be a leader, what it means to be a leader, and that when you work with others with care and understanding you can achieve a lot more. The retreat pushed us little out of our comfort zone as we went through team building exercises, brainstorming, culture night and as well as having keynote speakers. You gain far more than you can imagine, and it is such an amazing experience, one I’ve never had before. I loved every workshop and activity we did because I could resonate with all of them, and I learned important lessons that will be beneficial now and in the future as a young global leader. – Refiloe Kitchin, Student-at-Large

Giving Back to Liberty Wildlife

Volunteering at Liberty Wildlife with the Council of Student Leaders as an international student  has given me opportunities to know amazing places and participate in various activities. Liberty Wildlife experience has been one of the many experiences that have reminded me how important wildlife is in Arizona. The main purpose of the volunteering activity was to build a shelter for a tortoise; we used dirt and rocks to make a safe home for the tortoise. By the end, the outcome was very rewarding. After the hard work we had the opportunity to learn more about Liberty Wildlife’s focus: birds. Liberty Wildlife takes care of several kinds of birds, such as: eagles, falcons, crows and owls. Liberty Wildlife is a haven for animals that have been harmed and are not physically capable or naturally prepared to survive the in the wild by themselves. Therefore, they are taken care of by caring volunteers. I found Liberty Wildlife’s actions remarkable because they are not only caring about wildlife, but they use animals for educational purposes. People can learn about the birds, their anatomy and their way of living. Besides, people can learn some of the reasons that brought the birds to be captive and how to prevent mistakes that put them in danger. It is a good way to learn about the birds, but more important, to learn how to preserve and help the animals. As we, the Council of Student leaders attended this activity, I am sure we learned an important lesson about wildlife while helping and working hard. – Julian Robles, Student-at-Large


CSL & Club Leadership Luncheon Fall 2017

Organizing an event is always a fun task that I take commitment in being a part of whenever I can. As part of the CSL Public Relation’s Committee, I got the opportunity to organize (by the hand of a great team) one of the most important events within the council. The Leadership Luncheon has been one of the main tasks to focus on since the beginning of the semester and it finally happened last week. To be honest, it was a little hard to put together, but thanks to my wonderful team and advisor, everything came out really good. 
This event’s objective is getting to know our college administrative leaders, club student leaders and advisors. It is a great opportunity to share ideas, and having a little more insight into each other’s leadership within the college community. The people that get to participate are always full of joy and college spirit, which makes this event really awesome. 
Some of the challenges when organizing the luncheon was time. As a film major at SCC, time is something that I don’t usually have the benefit of; however, I tried to make it work and relied on my team when I felt that I couldn’t make something happen. Having a team was very important in this because without it I would have not been able to make it through. – Arlyn De los Santos Aquino, Public Relations Manager

Artichoke Pride Week!

This week was one for the books! Artichoke Pride Week took place this past week starting on Monday, October 2, through Thursday, October 5. On Monday we kicked off the week by hosting an Artie Walk where people gathered with their Artichoke pride and walked a mile around campus on the brand new mile loop on campus whilst blasting some tunes and having a good time. Tuesday consisted of the Student Success Fair where there was free food, a DJ, loads of activities for students to get involved in, and tons of fun! Wednesday was all about the University Transfer Fair during which colleges from all around the state came to inform our students of the opportunities that our Artichokes are able to receive after graduating from SCC and utilizing the tools that it is able to provide! Lastly, Thursday consisted of SCC Rocks!, where students could paint rocks with messages of kindness. Perhaps you will find one lying around campus when you least expect it! And finally, it was the day of our beloved Artie Idol, where students and faculty of all skill levels had the opportunity to participate in an event closely compared to American Idol! This event is a true favorite here on the Scottsdale Community College campus. If you didn’t get to participate this year, don’t worry, keep warming up until next year rolls around. This week could not have happened without the hard work and dedication of the faculty, staff, and the students who make SCC so great. Keep it up Artichokes! – Chrisanne Tirres, Special Events Co-manager

3-Day Student Leadership Retreat

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Three-day Leadership Retreat located in Prescott. This year its leadership focus was “Enabling Others to Act.” Though I am no stranger to leadership retreats and tried to imagine everything I would experience, ‘enabling others to act’ was a concept I was eager to learn more about and it took perhaps the entire retreat for me to fully appreciate its meaning.

Each day was packed with exciting and often challenging physical activities, almost every single one carried out with groups of student leaders from several other colleges aided by dozens of wonderful volunteers. From the moment we stepped off of our bus to the time we scrubbed our cabin rooms clean for departure we were engaged in an activity that kept our minds active, our blood pumping or both. We had workshops – hour-long classes about aspects of leadership with an emphasis on interactivity and creative thinking – along with optional hikes, a campfire to make s’mores with and the ability to play pool or climb a rock wall during free time.

What resonated with me the most was one of the last activities where each of us were directed to a group we typically hadn’t worked with before, then we had to play several minute-long challenges. We could each only participate in one challenge each, so afterward we cheered whoever was playing the next challenge, no matter how successful they may or may not have been.

The culmination of my experiences up to that point, including having Dr. Maria Wise visit as a keynote speaker, made me realize that enabling others to act means performing my duties for others with the trust that they would do the same for me and building the resolve to continue solving problems rather than abandoning them. – Antonio Folcarelli, CSL Vice Chair

Antonio shared his experience of group work
after an intense game of Minute to Win It.

Thoughts from the New Chair

I’ve now been a member of CSL for two semesters, and I am thrilled to be starting my third as its Chair. It’s been through my experiences in the council that I have been able to truly emerge from my shell and embrace the voice I have, and share that voice with the world as a representative of my student body.

Just as I am starting to show my colors to those around me, it is evident that new perspectives around the world are surfacing in these times of civil strife. I am excited to execute some plans within my new Civic Engagement Committee in order to share the notion that we are all part of a larger social fabric, and that prioritizing the betterment of your community is also an investment in yourself.

In a similar vein, my aim for this semester within CSL is to be as inclusive to our CSLers as possible. I feel as if the only way we can wholly fulfill our positions as Student Leaders is to be actively pursuing how we can improve how we operate. Our student body changes with every semester, and it’s only fair that we adjust as well. While I serve as your Chair, I hope you can come to me with your suggestions and insight, whether it be small or large-scale. You are empowered as a Student Leader to challenge the system and ask questions! – Brianna Stabler, Chair