Artie Idol

For anyone who doesn’t know what Artie Idol is, it is a college tradition of Scottsdale Community College that showcases students and employees singing and dancing talents on an open mic. It is truly a favorite here, where it is highly requested and widely known amongst the community. This year, we celebrated Artie’s 46th birthday and surprised him with cake and a brand new foosball table for everyone to enjoy in the cafeteria. This year, Artie Idol was comprised of several different genre winners which included Crowd Pleaser, Heartbreaker, Most Theatrical, Most Likely to Go Platinum and of course, Artie Idol! The event took place on October 9th after being rescheduled due to a rain out the week prior. It’s safe to say we look forward to Artie Idol again next year! – Chrisanne Tirres, Special Events Manager

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