3-Day Leadership Retreat

On Friday, September 14th, three members of the Council of Student Leaders and four international students embarked on a journey to Prescott, Arizona that would change their lives forever. The 3 day leadership retreat included many activities all centered around leadership with a theme of “Encourage the Heart”. While we were there, it became evident that while some people are born leaders, others grow into becoming a leader. It takes courage, strength, and even weakness to harness what all entails what being a leader is. We learned that it’s so important to help lead those who cannot/ don’t know how, build your skills and work past your weaknesses. In doing all of these things, I realized I was forming amazing bonds with the people around me and I made memories I’ll never forget. If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone I never would have grown into the person I am now all within 3 long days of learning. – Chrisanne Tirres, Special Events Manager


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