Volunteerism in CSL

This semester, SCC’s Council of Student Leaders volunteered at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary on April 28, 2018. Tranquility Trail is a Scottsdale-based organization in an office area, that discreetly houses a giant, blue warehouse room: a safe haven for rescue and older bunnies who have no other home. They are well-cared for and loved by the employees and volunteers who work with them 9-12 hours a day. We were part of this care on Saturday, by cleaning their pens, changing out their water dishes, feeding them greens (I got to give them spinach), and even sitting with them on the couches and petting them.

Before we began working, everyone was first introduced by Kelly Ames to the sanctuary and given background on how the bunnies arrive, how the bunnies like their pens a very specific way, and even how they pair up the bunnies to be lifelong companions for one another.

Several of our members made their experiences special. Camilla O’Donnell brought us all Dutch Bros. and our advisor, Jen Sydow brought little Haylee to help out. Although our chair, Brianna, has an allergy to hay, which conveniently covers the majority of the blue warehouse, she came through and wore a face mask and gloves while cleaning, and still managed to have a good time!

This organization is personally near and dear to my heart, as I’ve been working with them throughout this semester for my Honors Contract! I was so excited to include CSL in my experience with the Bunny Sanctuary, and I’m so grateful that we went. – Emily Beaufeaux, Student-at-Large


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