“Parada del Artie”

It was a crisp day in February, there was laughter and chatter, music being played near and far, and a single smiling Artichoke. Artie the Artichoke was at it again with another great year participating in the Parada Del Sol. The crowd’s laughter always rising and the smiles popping up when Artie came onto the scene. Artie high-fiving and interacting with fans of all ages, it’s strange when you think about it, being able to bring out the most in a one sided conversation. Artie never speaks a word but can carry these conversation forwards with everyone he meets. While I’m sitting here and writing about this year’s Parada Del Sol experience, it’s hard not to want to bring up Artie at every turn. After all, I know that this is true for many, the participants and onlookers at the parade saw a great spectacle from a dancing Artichoke. But, one of the big things missing this year from the parade was our clubs and our football team. In years past the turn outs have always brought out the best in our community colleges school spirit. Students coming out to show their love and appreciation for their college and Artie. This year’s theme at the Parada Del Sol was “Past, Present and Future.” We had expected that our future artichokes would be a little bit of stretch to walk with us, but we were confident in the support of our present and past Artichokes to come out and walk with us in support of our community college. We had 12 students of present standing, 2 future Artichokes and 2 from the past. Thankfully those that came were beaming with pride and walked with Artie through the parade. People cheered and clapped for us passing along the parade route and Artie stole the show with his swift moves and bombastic personality. It was a fantastic time and while we unfortunately had a small number attending we made the most of it and added another successful parade under our belt. I hope next year will be another great time with more student involvement and more students in athletics to show our support and appreciation of Scottsdale Community College!  – Justice Ehgner, Student-at-Large

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