Giving Back to Liberty Wildlife

Volunteering at Liberty Wildlife with the Council of Student Leaders as an international student  has given me opportunities to know amazing places and participate in various activities. Liberty Wildlife experience has been one of the many experiences that have reminded me how important wildlife is in Arizona. The main purpose of the volunteering activity was to build a shelter for a tortoise; we used dirt and rocks to make a safe home for the tortoise. By the end, the outcome was very rewarding. After the hard work we had the opportunity to learn more about Liberty Wildlife’s focus: birds. Liberty Wildlife takes care of several kinds of birds, such as: eagles, falcons, crows and owls. Liberty Wildlife is a haven for animals that have been harmed and are not physically capable or naturally prepared to survive the in the wild by themselves. Therefore, they are taken care of by caring volunteers. I found Liberty Wildlife’s actions remarkable because they are not only caring about wildlife, but they use animals for educational purposes. People can learn about the birds, their anatomy and their way of living. Besides, people can learn some of the reasons that brought the birds to be captive and how to prevent mistakes that put them in danger. It is a good way to learn about the birds, but more important, to learn how to preserve and help the animals. As we, the Council of Student leaders attended this activity, I am sure we learned an important lesson about wildlife while helping and working hard. – Julian Robles, Student-at-Large


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