CSL & Club Leadership Luncheon Fall 2017

Organizing an event is always a fun task that I take commitment in being a part of whenever I can. As part of the CSL Public Relation’s Committee, I got the opportunity to organize (by the hand of a great team) one of the most important events within the council. The Leadership Luncheon has been one of the main tasks to focus on since the beginning of the semester and it finally happened last week. To be honest, it was a little hard to put together, but thanks to my wonderful team and advisor, everything came out really good. 
This event’s objective is getting to know our college administrative leaders, club student leaders and advisors. It is a great opportunity to share ideas, and having a little more insight into each other’s leadership within the college community. The people that get to participate are always full of joy and college spirit, which makes this event really awesome. 
Some of the challenges when organizing the luncheon was time. As a film major at SCC, time is something that I don’t usually have the benefit of; however, I tried to make it work and relied on my team when I felt that I couldn’t make something happen. Having a team was very important in this because without it I would have not been able to make it through. – Arlyn De los Santos Aquino, Public Relations Manager
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