3-Day Student Leadership Retreat

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Three-day Leadership Retreat located in Prescott. This year its leadership focus was “Enabling Others to Act.” Though I am no stranger to leadership retreats and tried to imagine everything I would experience, ‘enabling others to act’ was a concept I was eager to learn more about and it took perhaps the entire retreat for me to fully appreciate its meaning.

Each day was packed with exciting and often challenging physical activities, almost every single one carried out with groups of student leaders from several other colleges aided by dozens of wonderful volunteers. From the moment we stepped off of our bus to the time we scrubbed our cabin rooms clean for departure we were engaged in an activity that kept our minds active, our blood pumping or both. We had workshops – hour-long classes about aspects of leadership with an emphasis on interactivity and creative thinking – along with optional hikes, a campfire to make s’mores with and the ability to play pool or climb a rock wall during free time.

What resonated with me the most was one of the last activities where each of us were directed to a group we typically hadn’t worked with before, then we had to play several minute-long challenges. We could each only participate in one challenge each, so afterward we cheered whoever was playing the next challenge, no matter how successful they may or may not have been.

The culmination of my experiences up to that point, including having Dr. Maria Wise visit as a keynote speaker, made me realize that enabling others to act means performing my duties for others with the trust that they would do the same for me and building the resolve to continue solving problems rather than abandoning them. – Antonio Folcarelli, CSL Vice Chair

Antonio shared his experience of group work
after an intense game of Minute to Win It.

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