Thoughts from the New Chair

I’ve now been a member of CSL for two semesters, and I am thrilled to be starting my third as its Chair. It’s been through my experiences in the council that I have been able to truly emerge from my shell and embrace the voice I have, and share that voice with the world as a representative of my student body.

Just as I am starting to show my colors to those around me, it is evident that new perspectives around the world are surfacing in these times of civil strife. I am excited to execute some plans within my new Civic Engagement Committee in order to share the notion that we are all part of a larger social fabric, and that prioritizing the betterment of your community is also an investment in yourself.

In a similar vein, my aim for this semester within CSL is to be as inclusive to our CSLers as possible. I feel as if the only way we can wholly fulfill our positions as Student Leaders is to be actively pursuing how we can improve how we operate. Our student body changes with every semester, and it’s only fair that we adjust as well. While I serve as your Chair, I hope you can come to me with your suggestions and insight, whether it be small or large-scale. You are empowered as a Student Leader to challenge the system and ask questions! – Brianna Stabler, Chair


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