Council of Student Leaders

The Council of Student Leaders (CSL) is Scottsdale Community College’s form of a student government. We are a council because we officially do not “govern,” but rather exist to represent student needs, provide funding for student activities and clubs, and serve as the official voice of the student body. We are also provided opportunities for growth in leadership skills and self-awareness. CSL meets every Thursday from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m., typically in the Turquoise Room (SC-164) or the Copper Room (SC-171).

For over the past 18 years, CSL (formerly known as the Student Leadership Forum) has been made up of a diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds who have come together for the same reasons: represent their student body and further develop themselves as leaders. Members have been parents, returning students, veterans, athletes and international students, to name just a few. The majority have gone on to become successful and engaged citizens of our ever-changing global society. I am fortunate to serve as their advisor for the past 7 years and watch these individuals make a difference where it matters to them. – Jen Sydow, Advisor